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Welcome to The

Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

The Historic Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Start your tradition of memorable visits to the historic Eagle Lake Sporting Camps. Awaken to the "dawn chorus" when male birds began to sing, quietly at first, then loud and hard; and, soon every bird in earshot is singing simultaneously. You are the audience, your theater is a lakeside verandah. You are in Northern Maine an unsurpassed destination for birders and wildlife photographers.

Dining Room Evening, Eagle Lake Sporting Camps, Eagle Lake, Maine

Snowmobiling Over 1600 Miles Of Expertly Groomed Trails

SnowmobilingWeather sometimes has a way of dealing us a severe blow in Northern Maine, but the old saying is "When you are served lemons, make lemonade". Well, that is what Snowmobiling is all about. This sport is enjoyed by those who have a great love of the outdoors, and want to spend some time on the trails of which there are many in our area. Hire our guide for some "backcountry" riding. The camps are only accessible by snowmobile in the winter, and that is a plus for us. We enjoy being out at camp on our sleds, and would not want to keep it all to ourselves. After a long day on the trails, you will want to sit in the lodge and converse with the other guests about your day's journey. For a good portion of the winter months, Eagle Lake is well covered in thick ice affording an opportunity to sled across the lake to some of the most beautiful countryside you may see in a lifetime. (Caution: thin ice around the thoroughfare to Square Lake)                                     Snowmobiling

Come join us in the splendor that is Eagle Lake Maine, watching the sun set across the lake and sipping your favorite beverage all the while taking in the warmth and beauty of the Lake. We believe there is no other place in Maine quite like Eagle Lake Sporting Camps, and you will feel the same after your first visit. Each camp contains all the comfort of home in a rustic setting. Quiet solitude can be yours if you wish. The camps are miles from any other establishment, but not so far that you can't jump on your sled and be in town in just minutes.


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The Eagle Lake Sporting Camps are owned and operated by Roosevelt Conference Center.
We provide unique world-class strategic planning meetings and training facilities for businesses and non-profit organizations.

Caretaker Office: 23 Furlong Road, Eagle Lake, Maine 04739
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