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Welcome to The

Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

The Historic Eagle Lake Sporting Camps

Start your tradition of memorable visits to the historic Eagle Lake Sporting Camps. Awaken to the "dawn chorus" when male birds began to sing, quietly at first, then loud and hard; and, soon every bird in earshot is singing simultaneously. You are the audience, your theater is a lakeside verandah. You are in Northern Maine an unsurpassed destination for birders and wildlife photographers.

Dining Room Evening, Eagle Lake Sporting Camps, Eagle Lake, Maine

Boating and Canoeing The Lakes, Rivers and Streams
 Starting from Eagle Lake Camps one may canoe or motor up Square Lake thoroughfare to the famous Salmon Pool, where the king of fresh-water fighters makes his annual sojourn of several weeks. This wonderful three and one-half mile thoroughfare between Eagle Lake and Square Lake is one of the finest stretches of water on this continent -- placid water, beautiful vistas, and shaded salmon pools. Freedom from wind makes it an ideal place to learn the art of paddling a canoe. At dawn or dusk see moose, deer, bear, and eagles.

Boating on Eagle Lake is an experience. Almost 20 miles of open waters are yours to enjoy in the spring, summer and fall of the year. Tour the secluded areas of the 23,000 acres wilderness preserve, or take a trip into town. Three thoroughfares provide safe and relaxing canoeing opportunities for the entire family. Canoe trips are especially popular from late July to late September. Speed boats, fishing boats, pontoon boats, personal watercraft, canoes, and kayaks are available for rent from www.oldmillmarina.com

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The Eagle Lake Sporting Camps are owned and operated by Roosevelt Conference Center.
We provide unique world-class strategic planning meetings and training facilities for businesses and non-profit organizations.

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